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A Sordid Mind

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1 A Sordid Mind on Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:15 am


Senior Wilderness Explorer (VIP)
Senior Wilderness Explorer (VIP)
On the Up Forum, one of the users said, "What if there was a movie about two Internet stalkers who fall in love?" GENIUS!

So I begged for permission to write this film, gained permission to write this film, and now I am writing this freakin' sweet film! Razz

I created this thread for any of you who might be interested in this. I'm still thinking about whether or not I should have some people collaborate with me; originally I was only going to post every time I finished a new scene or something.

But this won't happen until I find out how to post it here, since there is no file share on this forum.

I'll post what I have so far soon, though, so fret not, my fellow comrades! Be alert for updates and soon my script!

Thank you!

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