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small island which lay about a mile below us. It was already nearly dark, and

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All we could now do was to guide Marc Jacobs our craft toward a small island which lay about a mile below us. It was already nearly dark, and heavy clouds betokened a coming storm. We could see the soldiers Tiffany and co outlet embark and make their way as rapidly as possible across the river, where we knew there was a large force of their lawless comrades, and from these we expected a more determined visit during the night. We had hardly moored to the island before the storm came on, and with such a fury that it was evident we sliould be safe from any attack while it lasted.
It was almost morning before the waters were quieted enough for us to send a man in the small boat to Changsha, with a letter to the Lieutenant-Governor of the province. In this document we complained of the soldiers, and asked for an escort to accompany us up the river beyond the city. river. The skipper had gone ashore, but without waiting for him we Tiffany outlet made quick work in casting loose, and in an instant were whirled into the current. We were none too soon, for already a half-dozen of the unwelcome visitors had sprung on board and now to their great surprise found themselves prisoners.
Now that we were safe, we could look back with a different kind of interest on the imposing scene presented by this yelling mass of humanity. Our involuntary guests protested that they, as well as most of the crowd, had been attracted simply by a desire to see the honorable foreigners. They said, however, that the soldiers were inciting the crowd to mob us. Many lives must have been lost in the frantic rush of these thousands over the tiffany and co boats, and unquestionably the authorities trembled till they had news of our safety.

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