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while the current

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1while the current Empty while the current on Mon May 23, 2011 5:20 am


Further up the river the sandstone is succeeded by conglomerate, the massive beds of which are cut through by the river at right angles to the plain of stratification. Here the riverbed is narrowed and deepened, while the current is perceptibly quickened. The shores rise abruptly, often in high cliffs, worn into fantastic shapes. As we approached Ichang the hills became higher and more broken. A few miles above the city, at the place designated as Mussulman point on Blakestone's chart, the conglomerate is succeeded by limestone the two rocks conformably stratified, the former upon the latter, and rising with a gentle inclination toward the northwest.
Continuing up stream the river suddenly contracts, and the great Yangtz', which a few miles below was over a thousand yards wide, is here narrowed to two or three hundred. Without previous warning the traveller enters here the Ichang gorge, and with it upon some of the grandest river scenery in the world. The walls rise eight hundred or a thousand feet, overhanging the water in immense perpendicular cliffs of yellow limestone, or forming steep declivities, covered with a luxuriant growth of semi-tropical plants. The river, confined to a deep and narrow bed, rashes with a strong current through this chasm. Long and time-worn chains are clamped into the face of the precipitous walls.
Catching these rusty links with hooks on long poles, the crew moved the vessel slowly against the current, the mast often rubbing against tiffany and co overhanging masses of Tiffany and co outlet rock. In other places flights of hewn steps, and narrow paths cut along natural ledges, offer a foothold from which the trackers can drag the vessel by long bamboo ropes. Deep inaccessible dells, filled with the rich growth of a semitropical vegetation, break the face of the vertical walls. Streams flowing from the mouths of caverns high above the river cool the Marc Jacobs air in Tiffany outlet their descent, while huge clusters of stalactite which they have formed the work of ages show well the chemical power of the smallest drop, side by side with the mechanical force of the rolling river.

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