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swift current, we could hardly expect them under two or three hours. We moored under

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Not wishing to resort to force we made a compromise, by which they agreed to remove the flag, while we promised to remain moored to the bank until they should return with an officer. It was clear that we should have to await their return from the city and as the river, owing to the inundation, was a mile or a mile and a half wide, with a swift current, we could hardly expect them under two or three hours. We moored under a low bank, the bow of the boat being connected with the shore by a rope of braided bamboo.
A little before sunset several boats loaded with soldiers made their way across the river and landed just above us, and we saw immediately that they had brought no officer. Three of our former visitors immediately came on board and renewed their demand Tiffany and co outlet for the boat. Mr. Cox met them forward, and while refusing to give up the craft, first requested, and finally ordered them, to leave us tiffany and co whil-j at the same time, with the utmost coolness,he prevented any more soldiers from jumping on board at Marc Jacobs the only place where the boat touched the shore.
In the meantime an excited crowd of one hundred and fifty or more villagers and soldiers, armed with swords and Tiffany outlet pikes, had collected on the bank, and were shouting out to those upon our boat to kill the foreign devils. One of the three, running aft along the platform which surrounded the boat, attempted to beat in the cabin door. Feeling that words would be no longer of use, I threw the door open from the inside, and giving the man a sudden blow as he started back, sent him headlong into the river. This was the signal for a general attack. The mob having neither fire-arms nor stones, opened upon us with a perfect storm of lumps of sun-burnt clay.

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