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After his return to the junk it weighed anchor Marc Jacobs instantly, and made off with all possible haste but instead of steering toward Changsha, went in the direction of the Yangtz' river. After finishing our business with the custom-house, we thought little more of the occurrence of the morning till we approached the city of Taiping-kau, at the entrance to the Yangtz1. As we ncared the shipping we observed the Frenchman's junk sailing some distance ahead of us, and that a large number of boats loaded with people were putting off from the shore to see the foreign devils but we saw also that these boats invariably turned away from our predecessor and came toward us.
Now, there is nothing in the world more trying to the nerves than to be over-run by a crowd of even friendly Chinamen one must submit to being felt of, stared at, and having the texture of his hair and clothes tested to having his hat and boots tried on and passed around the crowd, with the chance of their disappearing in the capacious pockets of some acquisitive visitor. And all this must be submitted to until the whole population of a large town has satisfied its curiosity. There is no other alternative than to submit or fight, and the less fighting that Tiffany outlet pioneer travellers do the better for themselves and for those who follow them.
It had been our practice to avoid observation as much as possible in passing large cities, and it was therefore with a feeling of annoyance that we sat in our cabin awaiting the coming development. The boats soon began to arrive. "Where are the western barbarians?" asked several of the new-comers. "There are none here," answered our men with perfect composure "why don't you go to the boat with the French flag?" "So we did, but they told Tiffany and co outlet us there that that was only the baggage boat, and that the barbarians were in this tiffany and co one.

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