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consequence of the system,

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1consequence of the system, Empty consequence of the system, on Mon May 23, 2011 5:00 am


The profit netted by the East India Company from the opium trade, after deducting all expenses, is estimated to have reached an aggregate of 07,851,853 sterling. Who can estimate the consequence of the system, adopted by a Christian government, to introduce this poison? As a violation of the laws of nature, this deliberate paralyzing of a part of the great body of mankind must surely re-act upon the rest of the world. China is adapted, by the formation of its surface, by its climate and resources, and by the industry of its teeming population, numbering one-third of the human race by all these it is adapted to become, not only one of the most important exporting countries, but also.
one of the largest consuming markets for the products of other nations. By as much as we diminish the muscular power and energy of this population, by just so much do we injure our own interests, by diminishing their power of production, and their ability to become purchasers. Above Tung-tse the river makes a great bend, and the character of its scenery changes. The traveller is here approaching the Tiffany and co outlet central mountain range of the Sinian system, which, though it probably rises not more than four or five thousand feet above the sea, extends through the heart of China, from the southwest to the northeast, Tiffany outlet and finds its prolongation in the mountains of Manchuria between Marc Jacobs the Amoor river and the Japan sea. A journey of two days brought us around the river bend from Tung-tse to Itu (Ilieu). Above this place the river runs in almost a straight course from Ichang (fu). For a few miles above Itu it is bordered by low hills tiffany and co of red sandstone, but beyond these the mountains rise in towering masses, which grow highe'r and more rugged till they are lost in the highest range, whose broken outline is visible in the west over all the intervening country.

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