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Our Up dreams :)

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1 Our Up dreams :) on Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:08 pm


Thought I might as well start one thread about Up dreams

Okay, as far as I recall, I had... four? Up related dreams now. One I had even before the movie came out and it basically said that Muntz was a pilot who had been responsible for the flight in which Ellie lost her life, so Carl resented him for that. Second, was a very sweet one which I dreamed some time after seeing the movie in which I wrote a little poetry with Carl's thoughts for his Ellie after her death, a very sad poetry which unfortunately I forgot upon awakening (though I still Do remember that he called her "my life, my hope" or something on those lines, and mourned no longer having her near now that he needed her the most. ). Third was one that I actually don't remember, didn't even remember when I woke up All I know is that it was Up related but other than that my mind is a blank book And the newest which I dreamed just yesterday I've posted on WALL-E Forum Cut and paste from there...

and , in their older years, had become our new neighbors I was so "Eeeeep! Let's hope this time they get to meet Russell and go to Paradise Falls together!" I even met Ellie in the stairs and talked to her while I headed to my apartment, she truly lived for Carl and her words confirmed that... he was her joy, having him near made every day of her life special, she said. Awwww....

Edit - and I realize I might have fogotten one in which I was flying in Carl's house! Awesomeness!

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2 Re: Our Up dreams :) on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:38 pm


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