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Life (why does the tiles have to be 10 characters long. :-X, :P I did it. :D)

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Well I thought of this today at school and just decided to post it. I don't think it will be any good, but I just have to put it somewhere, and this is my 1st poem i have wrote without being forced to, and really my 1st real poem. Also, please tell me what you think of it, it will be much appreciated.


Life is good, Life is bad,
Life throws thing at you in the most unexpected times.
Some of the things are good, some are bad,
Life has it's ups and Life its downs.
Your life can be good, you have a life partner that you think you would have forever,
Then in one conversation, it is all lost.
Then there you are, moping around, sad and sometimes depressed,
You don't wanna go on, you don't wanna be around people,
You Just wanna be in your own little world,
But life has more to offer, If you wait and with some hard work and sometimes prayer.
Your life can turn around, you might have to wait 5, 10, 15 years to find someone else,
But in the end it will be worth the wait and you will be glad you waited and just didn't give up.
Cause giving up is for quitters, and quitters never win.


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