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I will only reserve commentary for Deviantart. So it is very likely I will not reply to any reviews or comments. Constructive criticism is welcome though. Chapters will be longer.

I do not own EVE, Captain McCrea, WALL-E, and Auto. Pixar does.



It’s a world out there.

The words were sealed behind the lips of Captain Brian Robert McCrea as he listened to the silence as he gazed out into the world beyond the Axiom bridge. He loved to see the Earth shine. The sun glistened over the lands that sparkled with life.

Brian looked to his reflection on the control panel. His face bore less flab. Though he still had the appearance of a large toddler, he had lost quite some excess weight since the landing. He brushed off the dirt smeared on his hands; he had just gotten back from working at the soils. His arms, feet, legs, and fingers were more elongated since the landing.

“It has been almost seven years since we landed. What is the progress?”

“Earth is increasing in life sustainability. The humans are far-”

Ding. McCrea turned around to see the five EVE-probes with WALL-E, blithely humming a tune, enter the bridge. WALL-E and his EVE were holding hands.

EVE, you and your sisters have an important directive. I am afraid it is going involve leaving Earth and WALL-E.”

WALL-E’s hum came to a dead stop.

“I hate to separate you two, but it’s for the welfare of humanity.”

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